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CU Robotics Society

UPDATE from Basil (bm490): "It is likely we will have a short-ish meeting on Thursday [18 Feb 2016], again at 1:30pm on the Dyson Bridge".

Following on from the very good suggestion by several people on the 14th January launch day and an initial meeting attended by a large group of people, we are trying to put together a group of people interested in forming a robotics society.

If you are interested, please email Basil on bm490, and if you can, come along to the next meeting (date and time at the top of the page)...

One possible competition to enter - Robot Wars...

Robot Wars: competitions between groups of roboteers who make their own robots to fight against each other in both friendly and tournament matches.

Link to news report about Robot Wars returning to BBC2 later this year.

Link to page suggesting deadline for applications for this year's TV programme is 31 January 2016, and that robots need to be ready for mid February such we are likely looking at an entry for competition later this year and/or for applying for the TV programme in 2017 (assuming it runs).

Link to Wikipedia page about the original TV series hosted by Jeremy Clarkson and subsequently Craig Charles.

Register of interest (as of 12:00 on 01/02/2016): bm490, adl42, bb458, xz353, mce32, ms2314, ry253, mm2121, hfsg2, tm552, ab2304, cdb46, ab2305, ar801, zam23, mem72, pv291, vp340, mp735, sg723, gjs50, js2163, afc39, cmg60, sjt83, fkag2

“A modern workspace where engineering students can come together outside of the classroom to think, experiment, design, build and exchange ideas.”

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The Engineering Department are delighted to announce a major refurbishment project taking place in the Summer of 2015. 

£2M donation from the James Dyson Foundation, a £2.65M investment from the Higher Education Funding Council for England and £0.6M from the University of Cambridge will allow us to transform the workshop and library facilities for hands-on learning, access to information, and the encouragement of creativity and innovation.