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What Materials Can Be Cut?

If you wish to use any of the above materials on the laser cutters, please click here for further details.

For any other materials, please ask at the Dyson Centre main desk.

Important to note:

  • Our cutters are not able to cut metals.
  • Lasering certainly common plastics:
    • Can release deadly fumes!
    • Can release acid gas!
    • ...which will damage you and the machine!
    • Will cause the to catch fire!
  • Normal plywood and MDF contains non-laser-compatible glue.
  • The filter on the machine will not prevent the above!
  • We are not (yet?) able to extract fumes outside the building.
  • This is why we stick with acrylic/Perspex and laser plywood.

Makespace offer advice here on their very similar setup (noting our machines are fitted with higher power, 80 Watt laser tubes).

Click here for advice from the manufacturer of our laser cutters.



RLR20, 24 March 2016



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