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What is an .stl file? Answer from Wikipedia. Answer from 3D Systems (can take a while to load).

If you'd simply like to try a 3D printer, then select something to 3D print from an internet site such as Thingiverse (maybe good to start with something simple) and you can download an STL file from them - of course there is no guarantee that the STL file is any good unless they report they have test printed it themselves.

More normally, draw the item you want in your preferred drawing package:

...and then export the STL file using the following notes to help you:

We'd suggest checking out your .stl file with a viewer for any issues.

 Typical issues include: shapes which do not have completely closed external surfaces - you'll see these as voids or parts of the model vanishing on the above online STL viewer.


RLR, 15 November 2020

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