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Dyson Centre for Engineering Design



The Dyson centre offer a range of material that can be purchased for use in the centre for undergraduates.

The 3D printers are accessible and all under graduates will only pay for the weight of the entire print (whether the print is successful or not).

The lasercutter are assessable to undergraduates, if a training session is completed then the student my uses them unsupervised. If training is not needed that a technician is on hand to cut the material for the student. Undergraduate pay for the cost of the materials only.

Link to EPOS payment system for paying for 3D printing and Laser Cutting

The Dyson centre, in conjunction with stores (located directly below the Dyson centre), also offer students the opportunity to purchase materials from the stores catalogue (between 1:30 to 3 only) using cash to received goods on the spot.

Paying for your 3D Printing

You can now pay for your 3D prints through EPOS. The printing charges are £1 per every 30g printer (to the nearest whole pound),

Postgraduates have an additional charge of £7 for every £7 worth of printing.

Paying for your laser cutting

You can pay for your laser cutting through EPOS. The laser cutter material charges are listed below.

Any Postgraduates have and additional an usage charge of £43.50 for a maximum time of 1 hour cutting.


Don't forget to fill out a charge sheet and write on 'EPOS payment' or we would not know you have already paid! 


Purchasing items from stores

Please see the link below for further details of how to purchase items from Stores.

Link to Stores page, showing items which can be purchased from stores using cash.



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