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Laser Cutting

Under COVID-19, we are gradually opening up Laser Cutting again as and where it is needed.

For the time being we wish to restrict the laser cutters to just to those doing the second year IDP course. (This will be reviewed after we get a week into term.)

If you have not done the Laser Cutter training before, then you need to study this set of PowerPoint slides first, this will take you around an hour (download PPTX - Raven logon required).

You then need to download the following risk assessment, read though, digitally sign and return to us on email at (download PDF - Raven logon required).

To book a 1 or a 2 hour slot on a laser cutter, please see use the following booking page (Go to booking page - Raven logon required).

Details on paying for your laser cutting are below - note that for the IDP course, this will be internally paid for by the IDP budget, within reason.


Paying for your laser cutting

You can now pay for your laser cutting through EPOS click now on the link below to access the payment page.

Note: The laser cutter material charges are listed below. Any engineering postgraduates have and additional an usage charge of £43.50 for a maximum time of 1 hour cutting.

Don't forget to fill out a charge sheet and write on 'EPOS payment' or we would not know you have already paid!

**NEW Plastic supplier **

The Dyson centre has a new plastic supplier, this means a wider choice of colours and textures. The wider variety includes a choice of glitter acrylic, tinted acrylic, mirror acrylic, frosted acrylic, florescent acrylic and also 24 different colour solid coloured acrylic, all available to order.

plastics display

Price list below:


Click the coloured boxes below for:



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