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How Do I Use It?

The above images and captions provide a brief familiarisation of the machine.

Various file formats cam be imported - DXF is the most common, which you should be able to create from Creo, or other drawing packages on the Dyson Centre PCs.

For Staff/Postgraduate Researchers please read the usage note here.

In order to use the laser cutters the Dyson Centre staff will work with you in order to help you use the machines.

If you wish, it may be possible to sign you off as able to use the machines by yourself, following an induction/training session.

This document contains all the details necessary for this, in the following order:


24 March 2016 - STOP PRESS: Dyson Centre staff member Diana (dmt38) is working on a much more user friendly 'how to' guide, which should be available on this page in a few days time.



RLR20, 24 March 2016




For staff reference - digital copy of manual for laser cutter.



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