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Gabro machine 3 of 4, 590 by 288

***This page is a work in progress - please visit again in a few days' time***


For the time being - please ask before starting to use this machine.


Please ask for a demonstration as to how to use this machine.

You should also read the health and safety sheet below.

***Health and safety sheet will appear here shortly***

Technical Data

Produced by: Gabro

Official Name: Aperture Cutter and Hole Puncher

Model: AC750


Manuals and Leaflets

Note that the best way to learn how to use his machine is by asking for a demonstration of it.

The manual shows well what this machine is capable of, however, we do not necessarily possess all of the fittings and options shown in the manual.

Additionally some (though not all) tasks shown in the manuals are now better done on other machines (e.g. the water jet cutter).

Please ask for more details.


Summary instructions leaflet

Instruction sheets

Strip and rebuild parts guide

Options list



RLR, 11 November 2015

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