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Dyson Centre for Engineering Design


(Image above shows the two Laserscript laser cutters, with their filter and water cooler units. On the wall in the background is the range of materials available. On the surrounding benches, some of our 3D printers and the Roland CNC mini-milling machine.)

COVID-19 and Usage

Due to COVID-19, please understand and accept our apologies that we will need to vary and alter how and when the laser cutters can be used. We will try to give as much information as possible on this web page.

Current usage for September 2021 for Engineering undergraduates: please contact the Dyson Centre Manager, Dr Rich Roebuck (RLR20) to make arrangements.


If you have not done the Laser Cutter training before, then you need to study a set of PowerPoint slides first (a temporary measure, in place of in-person training), this will take you around an hour; and also read through, digitally sign and return to us a Risk Assessment (download PowerPoint PPTX and Risk Assessment PDF - Raven logon required).

Please return the signed Risk Assessment to us on email at

Paying for your laser cutting

Payment for materials used for laser cutting is via the EPOS system using the link below to access the payment page.

The laser cutter material charges are listed below.

On some occasions depdending on staff and machine availability, we are may be able to offer machine use to others in the Engineering Department, but this is by no means guaranteed! In a number of situations an additional usage charge of £43.50 for a maximum time of 1 hour cutting will apply.

Don't forget to fill out a charge sheet and write on 'EPOS payment' or we would not know you have already paid!


It is important to appreciate that only certain materials can be safely cut on the laser cutter: safe in this sense means ones where the smoke and fumes can be safely handled by the laser cutter's filtering system. Cutting the wrong type of plastic can release dangerous and harmful gases, as such we control tightly what can be cut on our machines - as such we tend to only let you cut materials which we have supplied to you.

The Dyson Centre normally holds in stock laser-safe plywood



The Dyson centre has a new plastic supplier, this means a wider choice of colours and textures. The wider variety includes a choice of glitter acrylic, tinted acrylic, mirror acrylic, frosted acrylic, florescent acrylic and also 24 different colour solid coloured acrylic, all available to order.


Price list below (all materials listed are plastics, apart from laser-safe "Plywood" and laser safe "MDF" wood.)


Click the coloured boxes below for:



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