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Dyson Centre for Engineering Design


What is it?

A plasma cutter is a device which cuts through electrically conductive materials by creating superheated, electrically ionised gas (plasma), and this particular uprated unit can cut through...



Mild Steel 1 to 15mm
Aluminium 1 to 15mm
Stainless Steel 1 to 12mm
Copper 1 to 12mm
Brass 1 to 12mm


The following Boxford video shows one in action:


Who is this unit for?

This unit has been purchased for engineering undergraduates to use, for their project work both inside and outside of the Engineering course, as well as for outreach events. It may be possible to allow limited other use - please discuss with the Dyson Centre Manager and see this page.


When will the unit be available for use?

The unit has commissioned and Technical staff have received initial training, though we are still getting used to the machine (first pieces of aluminium were cut on Friday 18 August 2017).

We are taking requests to use the machine from engineering undergraduates, though it may take some time for us to get up to speed on its use and to formulate a more formal booking system - though in practice that shouldn't be needed till the start of term in October.


For Cambridge users - please click here for further details.



Dr Richard Roebuck

Dyson Centre Manager

19 August 2017

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