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Materials, Components & Suppliers

When reading the notes below, don't forget sources of funding for your project may be available from here.


Raw Materials

For the supply of raw materials, there are four main options open to you:

  1. The Dyson Centre Scrap Box (free of charge)
    Yet to be set up!
    Our first major contribution though is a large amount of perspex sheet, which should be useable with the laser cutters.
  2. The Dyson Centre Small Purchase Area
    Yet to be set up!
  3. The Department's Main Stores
    Currently cash purchases between 2:15 and 3pm only.
  4. External Suppliers (click here for a list of suggestions)


For obtaining finished or part finished components, if you don't wish to make them for yourself you could do one of the following:

  1. Enquire to see if the parts can be made for you in the department.
    a) Main Workshops (MW) for mechanical parts. (Link to follow when their new website is created.)
    b) Electronics Development Group (EDG) for electronics, including circuit boards. (Link to follow when their new website is created.)
  2. Seek an external supplier to make the parts (click here for list of suggestions).



RLR, 3 February 2016

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