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Link to separate page for Roland Desktop CNC Milling Machine.


Red 500 by 10

Health and Safety Category: Red!

Serious harm can be caused to operator, bystanders and machine by incorrect operation. All those using lathes must be trained/assessed to make sure they are taught or know how to correctly use the equipment.

Red 500 by 10


We have a number of technicians who will be available performing the above training/assessing, they are:

  • Andy Last
  • Kevin Bullman
  • Dan Phillips

If you are interested in being taught or assessed for manual milling machine used in the Dyson Centre, please contact us using the 'diary' link below.

When you make the booking, please can you indicate (for each machine type you're expressing an interest in), in short summary (ie a sentence or three) your current level of expertise, for example: novice, or some indication of what kind of tasks you know how to undertake and whether this was supervised or unsupervised.

(Expressions of interest in the computer controlled milling machines will be dealt with on a bespoke basis, pleaes email the Dyson Centre Manager for further information)

Health and Safety and Preparation Work

In preparation for using the manual milling machines, you should:





Specifications of Manual Milling Machines

The Dyson Centre owns two XYZ1500 Turret Mills as shown below.

XYZ 1500 Manual Mill 

The specifications for these machines are:

  • 3 HP Variable speed head
  • Spindle Speed 60-4200RPM ( 2 Ranges )
  • Spindle R8
  • Table Size 1069mm x 228mm (42” x 9”)
  • Table Travel (X Axis) 660mm (26”)
  • Table Travel (Y Axis) 305mm (12”)
  • Knee Vertical Travel (Z Axis) 406mm (16”)
  • Quill Diameter 86mm (3.38”)
  • Hardened & Ground Cross Slide Turcite Ways
  • Machine Weight 1100kg
  • Dimensions 1600mm(w) x 1450mm(d) x 2100mm(h)
  • Width with total table travel 2362mm

They are equipped with:

  • X Axis Power Feed
  • Hi /Lo Gear Ranges
  • Halogen Worklight
  • Coolant Pump
  • 2 Axis Easson DRO
  • Interlocked Guarding



DRP39, Nov 2021



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