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Lathe and Milling Machine Inductions and Training Diary

Machine Tool Training

This training is designed to familiarise students with the Lathe and Mill and how to use the machines to achieve the desired results for your projects (academic or not). It is therefore important that when you book in for a session you complete all aspect of the booking form with as much clarity as possible, to enable the trainer (Andy) to gauge what level you are at and progress your training rather than covering thing you may already know.

(FAQ - I've been using a lathe/mill for years, why do I need to go through the induction process? Your years of experience will still not tell you which cupboard we store the lathe/mill tools in and where we keep the keys for the cupboards, etc, etc...there will always be a bunch of things you need to be shown and will want to ask when you think it through!)


Training sessions can vary in length from 2 to 4 hours so please allow a morning OR an afternoon to ensure you are not interrupted.

Please make sure you have printed, read and signed the Risk Assessments BEFORE the session and fully understand the risks involved (to view these document please go to the Lathe or Mill page). Make sure that you arrive to the training session appropriately dressed (no open toes shoes, no jewellery and hair tied back).

Please use the link below to go the booking page.

Please make sure you list:

   1) Your name.
   2) Your status (e.g. undergraduate) - if you are not an undergraduate, please contact the Dyson
          Centre Manager (Dr Rich Roebuck, RLR20) to discuss before signing up for training/induction.
   3) Your contact email address.
   4) Your mobile phone number.
   5) At what times of the day, on which you have booked, will you be free.
   6) Which machine (lathe or mill) you are making the booking for (normally one or the other, not both).
   7) Your level or experience (see lathe or mill page) for suggestions as to how to detail this answer.

  (8) Please make a note to remind yourself to bring the signed risk assessment with you!

Note you will get an email notification when you make the booking.

Note that only when you get a subsequent email notification, confirming your booking, has the booking actually been accepted - in this case you should note the advised start time, or enquire with Andy Last (AL214) if the start time is not clear.


RLR, 6 Nov 2016

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