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Dyson Centre for Engineering Design

Handover of Dyson Centre to Department to Take Place on 19 October

The handover of Dyson Centre to the Department is due to take place on the afternoon of Monday 19 October, with only minor finishing of construction work will still carrying on after this date. (The Bridge, Library and Lecture Theatre Six are still some weeks from completion.)

The handover will allow teaching of courses to commence in the South End of the Dyson Centre, with a skeleton facilities available, whilst the remaining equipment preparations are completed.

The North End of the Dyson Centre will be used to house the library for the duration of the term, and so student project facilities here will be largely unavailable until around December, though preparations are in hand.


RLR, 19 October 2015

“A modern workspace where engineering students can come together outside of the classroom to think, experiment, design, build and exchange ideas.”