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Welcome to the Cambridge University 3D Printing Society webpage!

Cambridge University 3D Printing Society (CU3D) formed in 2016 is an engineering society that explores all things 3D printing.

We began the “Spicy Tower” project in September of 2020 as a fun and challenging way to develop our SolidWorks skills. Each student was tasked with designing a floor of a large tower and had to create innovative locking mechanisms between the connecting floors. This year (2021/2022) we have started a new project called “Cranked Mechanisms” where there is a hand operated central drive axel off which each students designs a fun dynamic mechanism.

A key aspect of our society is to explore 3D printing technology. We began and are still working on a software-based project to get 3D printers to print non-planar surfaces with standard printers. Another project that has been in progress for two years is a task to redesign an old Prusa 3D printer and fit it with a high volumetric flow hotend. Although this is nearing its completion, we have decided to challenge ourselves further this year with the design our own hotend. The hotend is part responsible for melting the plastic. This project is a combination of heat transfer, material science, electrical heating and manufacturing engineering. Related to this, is a project to recycle old failed prints by extruding them back into usable filament.

All of these projects will continue this year and if you have any other exciting ideas come along and see where it takes you. We meet every Wednesday at 2pm. See you all then!

Send your ideas and queries to Peadar (pb745) or Finn (ms2745)

Check out our Facebook page here, or follow us on Twitter (@cu3d_soc) or Instagram (cu3d_soc).


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