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List of External Suppliers

When using external suppliers:

  • Please don't have your parts delivered to the engineering department unless you have used an engineering department job number to purchase them with - the department will simply turn away non-job-number packages. Normally you should have packages delivered to your College Porter's lodge, making suitable provisions if they are valuable.
  • Make suitable provisions and safeguards, so that you don't lose your money to a supplier who doesn't deliver, or takes vastly longer to deliver than they say they will. Always make sure you have agreed with them on maximum delivery timescales.
  • Consider making any purchase with your credit card if that offers you buyer protection.
  • Make sure you have details of what you have agreed to in writing, especially with those making parts for you - if they make a mistake, is this at your expense or their expense?
  • If having parts made for you, is the supplier near enough that you can visit easily, or is it going to result in many trips to the other side of the country or overseas.
  • If the supplier goes out of business what will happen (e.g. if you have supplied parts to them for painting/powder-coating will these be seized by the Receivers?)

Suppliers and notes on them:

    Notes to be added here
    Notes to be added here
    Although mainly seen as a books and DVDs supplier, it is possible to get a wide range of engineering materials and components from Amazon, some at very reasonable prices where they are off-cuts. As ever when dealing with amateur sellers (even via the safeguards of Amazon), buyer beware!
    A regular source of materials and parts, though as ever, buyer beware! Also take care with how money is to change hands, and do you have the right to a refund if what you get isn't what you expect?
    Supplier of cheap taps and dies and also to many unusual sizes and types (left hand threads, acme threads, etc).
    (Rich - I've been using this supplier for about 25 years for private and department purchases, and have had only good experiences.)
    Suppliers of various types of plastic sheet, cut to size, next day delivery (if ordered by 2pm, the day before).
    (Rich - I'm just considering ordering from them for the first time on 31 August 2015.)
  • Many more supplier to be added here






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